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Historical Hotties Season 3 Episode 2: Deal With The Devil

Meet us at the crossroads to light a fire and talk about people in history who are A) hot and B) allegedly sold their souls for skill and profit. Join us and guest host Daniel (@puffinwatch) of Heroes Rolling Zeroes as we pit The Comte de Saint Germain against Robert Johnson and Niccolò Paganini.

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Historical Hotties Season 3 Episode 1: Holiday Merrymakers - Halloween

Welcome to our month of chills and scares. We pit spooky daddy Charles Addams against Halloween patron saint Elizabeth Krebs to find out who's been more formative in how we view the holiday today.

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Historical Hotties Season 2 Episode 13: Strange Occurrences

We are the coolest podcast in the neighborhood today: we're giving you a king-sized episode! Strange and mysterious events centered around strange and mysterious people, with not one but TWO guest hosts! Max and Cassie from Insanely Haunted: A Ghost Adventures Podcast! Who has the spookiest circumstances? The missing Theodosia Burr? The unsinkable Maggie Brown? The queen without a grave, Nefertiti? Or Typhoid Mary herself? LISTEN NOW TO SPOOK YOUR SENSES AND ENGAGE YOUR MIND.

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