Historical Hotties Episode 9: Game of Thrones

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In the game of Historical Hotties, you pick the biggest babe... or you die. In this episode, Whitney and Lindsey discuss the real life inspirations for some of Game of Thrones' most notable characters. (Only minor spoilers if you're still in season one of the show! No spoilers after that.) 

Show notes at historicallyhot.com/episodes/gameofthrones

All songs used in the episode are Creative Commons licensed for free use:

My Waltz with Ophelia - Mullion http://ccmixter.org/files/mullion/14514

Game of Thrones (Main Title) Persian Instruments version - Ali Choolaei https://soundcloud.com/ali-choolaei/game-of-thrones-main-title-persian-instruments-version-ali-choolaei

Game of Thrones theme on Eigenharp Alpha - G.Bevin https://soundcloud.com/gbevin/game-of-thrones-theme