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Historical Hotties Season 3 Episode 4: Witches

For our last spooky episode of October 2019 we throw a fillet of fenny snake into the cauldron to see which real life woman, accused of witchcraft, was the hottest. Will it be Jane Wenham or Grace White Sherwood, called the Witch of Pungo?

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Historical Hotties Season 3 Episode 3: Morticians

We stare straight into the face of death this week with our episode talking about the hottest morticians. Will Henrietta Duterte prevail? Or will Frederik Ruysch's preservation reputation be preserved?

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Historical Hotties Season 3 Episode 2: Deal With The Devil

Meet us at the crossroads to light a fire and talk about people in history who are A) hot and B) allegedly sold their souls for skill and profit. Join us and guest host Daniel (@puffinwatch) of Heroes Rolling Zeroes as we pit The Comte de Saint Germain against Robert Johnson and Niccolò Paganini.

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