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Historical Hotties Season 2 Episode 14: Boxers

This week we foray into sportstime to see which boxer will duke it out and go all 12 rounds! Is it Peter Jackson, or is it Melankomas of Caria? Two hunky hunks are going to the mat in this one, and hosts Lindsey and Whitney record in the same room and stare into the abyss.

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Historical Hotties Episode 47: Warriors

It's time to go full Beastmode on these folks with our episode about the hottest warriors in history. From fighting skills to moral compasses, we talk about the strategically biggest babes in this episode, guest-starring Yali Perez (@Beautifullynerd). Leonard P. Matlovich vs Artemisia I of Caria vs Khutulun. Who will come out on top of the wrestling heap?

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