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Historical Hotties Season 2 Episode 8: Fauvists

Lindsey and Whitney talk about the hottest WILD BEASTS of the art world: painters known as the Fauves! With their groundbreaking use of color to represent emotional themes rather than literal interpretations and passionate brushstrokes, will János Mattis-Teutsch come out on top, or will Émilie Charmy? Listen to find out!

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Historical Hotties Episode 48: Surrealists

This week we're getting weird with it and dipping into the subconscious mind with two incredibly fascinating artists of the surrealism movement. Pitting Claude Cahun against Méret Oppenheim in an all out battle of the dream consciousness. Who will take it all? Listen to find out!

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Historical Hotties Host Swap w/ Spooky Spouses

This week Jordan and Lindsey, the husband and wife team from Spooky Spouses (@Spooky_Spouses) do a podcast takeover and debate which is the most unusual artist: Is it Tom DeLonge or is it Stanley Kubrick? HHHQ will be back to normal next week, but until then enjoy Jordan and Lindsey's take on our show! 

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