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Historical Hotties Season 2 Episode 44: War Heroes

Tamp your muskets, folks, because this week we are joined by Roman Braga (@SleepyBiFlinge) of @HighRollCast to discuss the hottest, bravest, most charming war heroes in history! At ease! Eugene Bullard vs. Nadezhda Durov vs. Charles Coward.

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Historical Hotties Episode 52: Revolutionaries

For July 4th, America's Independence Day, we have decided to celebrate our freedom by talking about the people who have fought the Man to start a revolution. It takes a troublemaker to change the world, and these hotties prove that. Frantz Fanon vs. Harriet Tubman vs. Huey P. Newton vs. Hans and Sophie Scholl. Joined by guest hosts Jeff Richardson and KC Kaos from the podcast Everything is Awesome with Jeff & KC. (Jeff also has a podcast called Shattered Worlds RPG)

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Historical Hotties Episode 50: Spies

This week we are talking about two sneaky, clever, beautiful forces to be reckoned with! In our episode covering spies, we pit Virginia Hall against Josephine Baker to see which lady had the best espionage skills combined with the best hotness skills. Who will win?

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