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Press: Who’s hotter? Who’s drunker? Who will find buried treasure? These podcasts ask the essential questions

Historical Hotties on The AV Club! "Each episode of Historical Hotties finds sister duo Whitney and Lindsey Nelsen debating the attractiveness of various figures throughout history. Previous episodes have pitted American novelists Zora Neale Hurston and Toni Morrison against one another, as well as composers Igor Stravinsky, Franz Liszt, and George Gershwin. This week is a three-way, no-holds-barred steel-cage match featuring guest Sam Greszes.

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Press: Historical Hotties Podcast Makes History Fun and Stimulating!

The subject of History, to many, is something you have to take in school. Where you learn about old white guys, kings, politicians; all the while marginalizing the rich history of people of color, women, and those who don’t fit the conventional norm. This often creates the misconception, that history, is something that happened decades or even centuries ago. When really history is being made everyday. By people from all walks of life.

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