Press: Historical Hotties Podcast Makes History Fun and Stimulating!

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Posted on Geekadelphia. Written by Yali Perez.

"The subject of History, to many, is something you have to take in school. Where you learn about old white guys, kings, politicians; all the while marginalizing the rich history of people of color, women, and those who don’t fit the conventional norm. This often creates the misconception, that history, is something that happened decades or even centuries ago. When really history is being made everyday. By people from all walks of life.

Historical Hotties, is a podcast that showcases the many facets of History; by asking “who is the biggest historical babe?” The podcast is generally 25-35 minutes long and airs every Wednesday on iTunes  Google Play. The idea came about because Lindsey Nelsen was often teased (by sister Whitney and others)  about having crushes on dead people. It became a fun conversation starter and then the idea grew to becoming a podcast. The very first episode aired on July 3 of this year.

Historical Hotties is a debate show; where host, sisters Whitney and Lindsey Nelsen, pit two historical figures against each other to determine who is hottest. The categories vary from hottest programmer, glam rocker, con artist, and models to name a few. I used the term stimulating not to create clickbait but because the winner is broken down in four ways. These four ways are physical hotness, mental hotness, social impact, and je ne sais quoi; these are all things that stimulate all the senses in the body, thus determining attractiveness. Let’s face it, sometimes it isn’t just looks that make you attracted to someone.  At the end of the debate, the points are totaled and the hottest historical babe takes the crown.

What makes Historical Hotties so entertaining is that it’s an easy listen. Not in the sense that it will put you to sleep, but in the sense that it doesn’t get boring. Every second is filled with the witty banter, sexy gossip, facts, and funny jokes. It also spotlights the history of those you don’t learn about in school and topics you wouldn’t traditionally think as “historical.” Lastly, it makes you take a look at what makes someone attractive. As mentioned before, attractiveness isn’t just physical; it’s mental, emotional, and spiritual. Which also applies to the impact someone can make in your life and in history.

If you’re looking for an interesting, funny, and sometimes sexy podcast to listen to; give Historical Hotties a shot. It will have you thinking about what historical figure you find hot.

Historical Hotties airs every Wednesday on iTunes & Google Play. You can follow the Historical Hotties Podcast and get updates on their FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.

Editor’s Note: Listen to the 9/19 episode to hear our very own Yali Perez, author of this article, debate history’s hottest nerd!"